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Feedback from employers about partnering with QPS.

My experience with QPS has been incredibly positive. If I had to choose one thing they excel at it would be customer service. They have really gone above and beyond in regard to helping us grow our team and celebrate the wins we have together. They treat our whole team like family, and I am glad to be partnered with them in our staffing journey.

Heather S., HR Manager

QPS has been able to meet our needs in a timely manner without slowing down or decreasing our production needs for our customers, which are worldwide. We recommend the use of QPS if you’re looking for a professional staffing service willing to work hard to meet your high standards and goals.

Michael G., HR Manager

“QPS has been almost like an extension of our team. They are attentive, responsive, friendly, fun and always seem to know what you need at the right time. We have very much enjoyed our partnership with QPS and look forward to seeing what we can do together in the future as well.”

Rachel D., Human Resources Generalist

“We have been over the moon with the service offered by the team at QPS. We find the leadership team very responsive in meeting our needs in recruiting the right level of skills we require. I have found QPS to be very flexible and would recommend them as a service provider.”

Paul M., Plant Manager

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“I have worked with Chrissy Zoske and the QPS team for over 8 years. We enjoy how fast they solve problems, and they communicate back to us on urgent matters. They have helped us a lot on getting the right employees to help with a low turnover. Thanks for the great relationship we have formed! “

Tony P., Shipping Manager

“QPS listened to what we needed and offered solutions to meet our needs AND to help us think differently to discover what we may not have seen yet. The level of responsiveness, service, and thorough nature of assessing our business needs, learning our culture, and integrating QPS into our business model was impressive and not an approach any other company got involved in, even at a smaller level. The icing on the cake…the data and analytics they provide to help us understand our partnership, our people, trends in our candidate pool and the marketplace, and the factors that may influence our people needs. These are shared monthly in business review meetings, sharing ideas, digging into the details, and ensuring we assign action items before the meeting ends. We use this data regularly in board meetings, with senior leaders, and in company meetings. It is professional, detailed, and specific to the needs we have. We are better because of this information and QPS is viewed as a strategic partner—an extension of our team. “

Jenny H., VP of Human Resources

“We have worked with QPS for almost 20 years. Their level of service has been top notch. So much so, that we never saw a need to work with another agency. They have always been very attentive and reactive to our needs. We are grateful for the service that QPS has been able to provide for us over the years and look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.”

Ashely D., Sr. Human Resources Leader

“Since partnering with the QPS team we have always felt like we are a priority with our recruiting efforts. The QPS team is extremely reliable, they provide us with quality candidates as they are very aware of what our wants/needs are for each position, and their communication is spot on. We have gained several new employees from the QPS team. After several years, they continue to provide outstanding service to us, call or stop in to our facility to check in, and many times bring thoughtful and fun gifts too which is always very appreciated. They continually support our needs even when we might change our minds on what those needs are from time to time. I highly recommend working with the QPS team!”

Karin M., HR Specialist

We have been partnering with QPS for several years. They are always willing to take on any ask from us whether it be large-scale projects, temporary staffing or full-time direct hires. Knowing that we have a trusted go-to partner is a relief in our fast-paced automotive environment.

Jill M., Manager, Talent Acquisition

“The value-added services we receive from QPS include valuable market data pertaining to wage analysis and candidate availability in order to remain competitive in our area. They host regular business reviews with our team to discuss the current state of our business, provide performance metrics, and continuously evaluate our level of satisfaction with QPS. We are extremely satisfied with the way QPS conducts their business and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Kristal W., VP of Human Resources

QPS has quickly become one of my top recruiting agencies due to their impressive performance. They have exceeded my expectations, particularly when it comes to ensuring that their candidates are well-prepared and punctual for interviews. For example, their account reps showed up an hour early to my job fair to discuss the candidates that they had submitted for the event. It was clear that they had taken every step necessary to ensure that their candidates were adequately prepared for the interviews. As a result, I have been incredibly pleased with the quality of the service that QPS has provided for me.

Marisol T., HR Manager

“Over the years we have developed a great partnership with QPS. Their dedication to quickly fulfilling our production needs is amazing! Even when I have a last-minute request late Friday afternoon… before I leave for the weekend, I will have an e-mail with the names of the people showing up on Monday morning. I don’t know how they do it! They are my go-to team and they never let me down!”

Jan J., Human Resource Manager

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