The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

The practice of switching jobs on a frequent basis has its fair share of critics. But in this blog, we’ll be looking into both the benefits and drawbacks to job hopping and the impact it can have on your future employment.


Gain More Experience
By working different positions at multiple companies, you’ll do a variety of tasks that will develop and teach new skills. By taking on new tasks and using different processes, you’ll be able uncover your strengths and weaknesses much more quickly.

Exposure to Different Company Cultures & People
When you work at different places, you pick up certain things from each one of them. This could result in growing your industry knowledge or developing a large network. This exposure to multiple perspectives will let you to enter each new job with an open mind and possibly some recommendations for improvement.

More Money
It is an unfortunate truth, in most cases, that if you want a significant pay increase, you’ll have to look at outside opportunities. However, as a cautionary note, remember that money isn’t everything and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


Employers Hesitant to Invest
With the cost of bringing on new hires, employers that see a candidate that moves around a lot may be less likely to consider them during the hiring process. Even if you are hired, you may be looked over for things such as promotions or career development activities if your employer suspects your commitment to the company isn’t long term.

Questions About Loyalty & Commitment
By having short stints, you’ll have to expect questions regarding loyalty or commitment. When those questions come up, you’ll have to find a way to answer them in a way that an employer will be able to trust that you’ll stay on longer than you have in the past.

Potential for Shallow Experience
Even though experience was mentioned as a benefit earlier, there is a way that too many opportunities could be a detriment. For example, if you’re in a position where it takes some time to learn new skills or concepts, and you leave early, that limited experience won’t provide much value.

Whether you’re looking for long-term or temporary work, we have it!

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