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Tips for Staying Positive During a Difficult Job Search

Jun 29, 2018, 14:02 PM by Kabnoog Xiong

Under the right circumstances, a job search can be an exciting time, one that opens doors to new opportunities. However, it can quickly go from that to frustrating and disheartening. It can be hard to maintain motivation when dealing with rejection or total silence from employers. In this blog, we will look at three ways to stay positive during a difficult job search and how those ideas can help in landing the job you want.

1 - Set Goals

Keep yourself accountable by setting weekly goals. They should be small, measurable and attainable ones that you can achieve. For example, updating your resume and cover letter Monday, submitting at least three applications on Tuesday, attending two job fairs Wednesday and on Thursday following up with employers.

By setting goals like these, your search will be more focused and effective. You’ll also get a feeling of accomplishment that can go a long way in keeping a good attitude.

2 - Create a Routine

By having structure in place, a job search is easier to manage. Similar to the benefit of setting goals, a regular schedule that includes searching, submitting applications, networking and following-up will give you some control of the situation.

Remember to base your routine as if it is a full-time job, you’ll avoid bad habits such as staying up late, sleeping in or procrastinating.

3 - Do Other Things

Although this may seem counterproductive to getting a job, you shouldn’t be applying and interviewing non-stop. By doing that, you’ll lead yourself to burnout in no time. So, instead of devoting all your efforts to the actual job search, take some time to volunteer, attend classes or go to workshops that will develop your skills, expand your network and keep your mind off the actual process.

And don’t be afraid to go a step further and do things that don’t relate to work either such as taking time for some of your favorite hobbies or spending the day with family and friends. By using pre-determined free days, you’ll ease those frustrations and help with refocusing when you get back into the search.

In the end, you can’t control when a hiring manager gets back to you, or if they even look at your application. Instead, focus on the things you can control such as the quality of the application you submit or how well you prepare for your interviews. By following this attitude, setting goals and creating a routine, you’ll be positioning yourself for a better and quicker job search.

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