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4 Things to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile but Not on Your Resume

Mar 14, 2018, 13:19 PM by Jessica Calliari

LinkedIn may be the professional social network, but it doesn't mean your profile should be an exact replica of your resume. In fact, if you simply copy and paste your resume information onto your LinkedIn profile, you're missing out on the opportunity to truly showcase your professional achievements and who you are as a candidate. Include these four things in your LinkedIn profile, but not on your resume: 

Your Career Story

Your resume limits you to describing your entire work history with a handful of bullet points, which doesn't leave much room for context and description. Leave the dry descriptions of accomplishments and responsibilities to your resume, and use your LinkedIn profile to convey your professional background with sentences, a timeline and a story format.

Expanded Details

Relish in the freedom from space and formatting constraints on LinkedIn, and use it to include the details that had to be cut from your resume for sizing reasons. Don't go overboard, but do add the expanded details that could strengthen your LinkedIn profile, but don't easily fit onto a one page document. 

Attached Resources

When you apply for a job, it's typically just your resume and perhaps a cover letter. You only have the opportunity to use your words to describe why you're qualified. With your LinkedIn profile, you can attach supporting resources that showcase what you can do and strengthen your resume points, such as a portfolio to highlight your design skills or blog links to show you truly do have excellent writing skills.

Your Voice

When people view your LinkedIn profile, especially the "Summary" section, they want to leave with a more thorough understanding of who you are as a professional. Leave the formal tone on your resume, and use a professional but conversational tone, such as how you would interact via company email. This allows hiring managers or recruiters to get a sense of who you are and how you may fit in with company culture.

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