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Dos and Don'ts of Social Media

Feb 28, 2018, 14:55 PM by Kabnoog Xiong

'LIKE' this, 'TWEET' that, 'POST' this, 'SHARE' that. As the saying goes the internet is forever; everything from your first Facebook check-in to the Instagram photos from 2011 will be embedded in internet history. Your social media actions influence your image - both personally and professionally. Ensure that you keep your internet footprint appropriate for the professional world. Check out these five do’s and don’ts of social media below.


1 - Think before you post: You’re leaving a footprint that will remain forever. Make considerations before you post something that could be hard to take back once it's out there.

2 - Check your privacy settings: Every social media outlet has their own privacy settings. Discover what they are so you can limit what you share openly and keep it to only a few people.

3 - Build relationships: Networking is a great tool to make new connections and discover new opportunities. Social media is a great platform to make those connections, but be wary about your personal pages and make sure you know who it is you are connecting with.

4 - Proofread your postings: Take time to double check your postings and give yourself a chance to make sure your point comes across clear and correctly. Posting things with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes can come off as not caring about how you show yourself.

5 - Be active: The best way to utilize social media is to be consistently active. Updating and continuing to interact keeps your content fresh and your contacts engaged.


1 - Post explicit content: Think to yourself, would I say this at my workplace? If not, it probably doesn't belong on your social media. If you post vulgar and explicit content, that is the image you are sending out to the world.

2 - Get into fights: Take it offline if you are having an issue with one or more individuals. Avoiding a public dispute keeps the interaction of others out and allows you some privacy in, what is most-likely, a personal matter.

3 - Post about something illegal: It seems like a no-brainer; however, even the smallest infraction with the law can really damage your online reputation.

4 - Say things about people you wouldn't say to their face: You might feel more inclined to say those first words that pop into your head while safely behind a computer screen. Keep in mind that anything you say on social media becomes public information. It’s harder to take back digital words than to have a talk with someone face-to-face.

5 - Share too much information: Oversharing can do more harm than good. There are certain platforms that are excellent for sharing your ideas, life experiences, and more. Use your judgment to determine the best time and place for the content you are about to post.

Creating a positive image online can be more work than expected, but is essential to protecting your personal brand. Following these rules as well as your judgment helps you achieve the social standing for a workplace environment you would want to be a part of. What do you do to protect yourself on social media?

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