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Resume checklist

Sep 29, 2017, 10:32 AM by Kabnoog Xiong

Job seeking is like taking on an unpaid gig. Between networking, doing your research, looking through ads, and applying for jobs, you may also be preparing for another interview or are still working at a current job. Sometimes revising your resume for the hundredth time just isn't on your priority list of things to do. However, resumes are important vehicles to getting you through the application vetting system and to make the hiring manager take notice. Before you submit your resume, here are four quick tips to help you revise.

1 - Double check spelling and grammar

It takes less than a second to click on spellcheck, but that won't solve everything. Spellcheck will not catch instances of wrong word usage or words that sound alike but have different meanings. Reading your resume out loud and each sentence as a stand-alone will help you to catch errors or phrases that do not make sense. Watch out for common errors.

2 - Replace vocabulary and descriptions

Reading out loud will not only help you to catch grammatical errors, but awkward sentences and phrases as well. You know yourself and what you intended to put down on your resume, but the hiring manager doesn't. Is it understandable and readable from an outside perspective? Now take a look at your word usage. Replace common and passive adjectives and verbs with active and stronger vocabulary.

3 - Make your formatting consistent and clean

Even if you want your resume to stand out, don't draw attention to it for the wrong reasons. Making your font readable should be a priority. Keep it simple with Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Century Gothic, Calibri, or a similar style. Line up your indented lists and make sure your bulleted points are consistent. Unless you're looking for a job in design, stay away from images and visuals that may detract from the message of your resume.

4 - Include correct contact information and heading

Take another look at your heading and the contact information, especially your phone number and email address. You don't want to miss out on an opportunity because you had one wrong character or number in the contact information. Also, you can remove your address if it had been previously included as it is not required or necessary information.

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