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3 Things to Update on Your LinkedIn Profile

Jul 19, 2017, 13:29 PM by Jessica Calliari

Numerous people have a LinkedIn profile (especially in professional circles), but not everyone knows how to utilize it. Many of us are guilty of spending ten minutes to set it up (or only creating one because it was required by our university or company) and never touching it again. With a growing number of recruiters and hiring managers using LinkedIn as a tool to make the perfect hire, a professional and updated profile can set you apart from the crowd. It may also land you your dream job. Not sure where to start? Try updating these 3 sections of your profile.


Is the picture on your LinkedIn profile outdated or unprofessional? One big thing to make sure to do is check that it fits the purpose. It should be up to date enough that someone would be able to recognize you from it (not a picture from fifteen years ago) and be professional (no car selfies). While having a professional headshot taken is a great idea, a solid colored wall and a friend with a camera or phone and a steady hand can definitely suffice.


Do you have the summary section of your profile filled out? If so, is it up to date? The summary section is a powerful tool that people viewing your profile will see front and center. This is your elevator pitch that can influence first impressions about you. Because of this, it's important to use this space to your advantage. Think of it as a short (think two or three sentences) and simple summary about your experience, skills, and education. Still not sure where to start? LinkedIn has a feature in your profile that will create a general summary for you that can be a great jumping off point.


The experience section of your profile is another section that often falls by the wayside after you first create your profile. Many of us just copied and pasted our resume into this section, but that is not the best way to utilize it. While the typical resume information like titles, dates, and company names should be included, the description/duties should be more results focused such as, increased sales by 150% from previous year, or something along those lines.

When used correctly, your LinkedIn profile can help you move forward in your career and build your professional network. What is your best tip for utilizing LinkedIn? 

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