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How to successfully change your career

Mar 8, 2017, 08:05 AM by Kabnoog Xiong

You're looking for a career change, but change can be terrifying. When it comes to getting started, it can also be especially difficult. As with everything, it takes effort on your part to ensure that you're not jumping head first into something that isn't for you. Find out how you can successfully transition to a new career with these 3 tips.

1 - Dig deep & analyze yourself

Ultimately, you may be leaping into a different direction that can change your life. It only makes sense that you start by taking a look at yourself and answering some questions. Reflect on your life and current career. What is it about your job or environment that no longer satisfies or works for you? What are you looking for in your new career? Also, understand your values, priorities, strengths and weaknesses. Balance the pros and cons about pursuing the change. How will it affect your lifestyle, the people you care about and your level of happiness?

2 - Explore & understand what it takes

Research thoroughly to learn as much as you can about your new intended career path. Don't just leave it at passively reading information online. Be active and go out to volunteer, shadow and interview, or work part-time. Get a feel for the work and people and test out ideas. Taking action may clarify some questions about yourself and the job. It will also help you view and approach your goal more realistically. Ensure your change in career makes sense. Also you can find out what skills, certificates, licenses and education you need to succeed.

3 - Build a plan & do it

It is impossible to make a career change in a day. Approach it realistically. Set a goal, decide on a timeline, and break it down into milestones. Create daily and weekly tasks to fulfill and invest time and energy into completing them. You may need to take classes, learn new skills and network. Don't embark on your career change alone. Connect with and get support from the people in your life. Seek out and build professional relationships with others who can be of a great resource. Make each of your small goals measurable and keep track of it. You can build confidence step by step as you look for the perfect opportunity.

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