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Ask a Boss: What Makes You Want to Hire a Person?

Oct 28, 2016, 14:42 PM by Jessica Calliari

When you're going through the interview process, what hiring managers are looking for often runs through your mind. It can even seem impossible to know what they're thinking during the whole process. While every person you're interviewing with will be different, we reached out to some of the people in charge of hiring here at QPS to see what really sets a candidate apart.

Choose Your Actions Wisely

One main thing that makes a potential employer want to hire you has to do with how you carry yourself in the interview. This includes everything from having positive body language during the interview (learn more here), making eye contact with the interviewer, and being respectful to everyone you meet in the process. Showing interest in both the position and company is a huge thing that those in hiring positions look for in potential employees.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Another big thing that makes managers want to hire a candidate is if they came prepared. Mark Milan, Marketing Manager at QPS, appreciates when candidates read the job description ahead of time and frame their questions in the interview around it, along with being able to articulate what they would bring to the specific position.

Taking a little time to review the company's website and the job description will show the person you're interviewing that you are prepared and will improve your chances of getting hired. Learn more about what to do before an interview here.

Follow Up Appropriately

You may think that thank you notes have gone the way of VHS tapes and dial up internet, but nearly 15% of hiring managers say they would not hire someone who failed to send a thank you note. Even though this may not seem like a super large number, it is better to send one than not. Either an email or a hand written thank you note is an appropriate way to follow up. Learn more about writing the perfect thank you note here

Going into your next interview with an understanding of what hiring managers are looking for in the people they hire will help you set yourself up for a job offer. What do you think makes an employer want to hire someone?

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