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What is a Production Associate?

Oct 26, 2016, 16:09 PM by Kabnoog Xiong

As an employment agency, QPS helps find people work in a variety of industries. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting positions that we specialize in. We’ll let you know what the positions are, what the responsibilities and requirements are, and the benefits of working in this particular segment. Our first job position is a Production Associate.

What is a Production Associate?

Production occupations include a number of job positions like Assembly, Machinist, Quality Control and more. For Production Associates, workers in this position will assist where needed and cover a variety of tasks across the production floor. Duties may include monitoring the production process and physically preparing and loading materials. QPS staffs for this position year round, as it is an in-demand job. This is a great opportunity to enter into the manufacturing and light industrial industry.

The two biggest responsibilities of a Production Associate are to cover a variety of duties and to excel at the work they do.

Responsibilities of a Production Associate

The actual job duties of the Production Associate can greatly vary, depending on the process of production. This can be a great way to get exposed to different tasks and gain new skills for an entry-level worker. Including the tasks previously stated, other duties can range from handling various paint and coating to filling and labeling products for shipment.

The key to finding success as a Production Associate is straightforward. Workers are expected to demonstrate proficiency throughout training and while completing their given tasks. Workers are also encouraged to strive and reach above and beyond expectations.

While this is an entry-level position, candidates must still meet a few requirements to land the job. We are specifically looking for people who can meet the required experience and be a part of a team.

Requirements of a Production Associate

As with all jobs, requirements may differ depending on the company that is hiring. Experience within a manufacturing or production environment is usually preferred. However, steady work history and a high school education or an equivalent of both is often the minimum required experience. There may be exceptions, but that will depend on the hiring company and candidate.

Production Associates may be required to work with other individuals and as part of a team. The exhibition of soft skills in this position is important. Qualities like reliability, team-work, and respectfulness are essential to making sure the work environment is both receptive and productive.

So what are some of the benefits of this position?

Benefits of a Production Associate

As an entry-level position, this job is an excellent opportunity for building experience with room for growth. Production Associates have the opportunity to learn production and operational principles and practices.

Demonstrating success and the aptitude for the work as a Production Associate is valuable. Meeting expectations or going beyond the requirements of this position may lead to permanent placement and a pay increase.

You can start your job search and apply with QPS today by going here.

To browse through our listing of Production openings, click here.

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