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How to Get a Job - Fast

Oct 19, 2016, 11:15 AM by Jessica Calliari

One of the most common questions we receive is how can someone get a job fast. While the positions we are hiring for are always changing, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds of walking out of the branch with a new opportunity.

Be Open to Positions + Pay

While you may be focusing on one specific type of position in your job search, a great way to find a job with QPS quicker is to be open to new types of opportunities. Our positions are always changing based on our clients' needs. We may not have an opening for the exact position you were originally looking for, but could have something else that would interest you if you are open to trying new things. Accepting an opportunity in a new field can get you working quicker, allow you to gain new skills, and potentially help you find a new field you enjoy working in. Let your recruiter know that you are interested in different positions or pay ranges if you're trying to get working quickly.

Take a Temporary Opportunity

When you're waiting for your dream job to make its way into your inbox, a temporary position can be the perfect thing to get some money in the bank and gain new skills. Taking a short-term temporary position can get you back into the workforce quickly and allow you to add more to your resume that could help you get that perfect position. These types of positions have a shorter turnaround time from your QPS interview and often you can start almost immediately after you hear about the opportunity. While these positions may not be a long-term position, they do allow you to get working quickly. If you haven't told your recruiter you're interested in temporary positions, give them a call and let them know that you're open to these positions and would like to get working as soon as possible.

Keep in Contact with Your Recruiter

Another thing you should do when you want a job as soon as possible is to keep in contact with your recruiter. Keep them updated on what types of positions you're interested in, new experience you may have, and any changes in availability or transportation. Remember to always follow up when they call you and to be respectful. You should also be reaching out to them or the branch you are working with weekly to check in, update availability, and to inquire about any new opportunities. If you do not tell your recruiter that you're open to new types of position or pay, they will not know to call you when one of those opportunities arises.

When you're looking to get a job quickly, remember to keep an open mind about position types and pay as well as stay in contact with your recruiter or branch. Check out our current opening here

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