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How to get a job in manufacturing with no experience

Oct 6, 2016, 08:32 AM by Kabnoog Xiong

Entering the job search with little to no experience can be intimidating. However, opportunities do exist. While companies do seek for candidates with some related experience, it is not impossible to land a job with none, especially when it comes to the manufacturing industry.

The entry-level positions that are offered typically pay at the lower end of the pay scale, but they offer a chance for candidates to gain valuable experience. Although it's hard work, don't be afraid to take on an entry-level position that can help you gain experience and potentially lead to a better opportunity. View these jobs as a stepping stone that can help you increase the likelihood of landing a better job in the future.

What are the minimum requirements that you must meet or what must you do to secure these opportunities? Companies that are willing to hire candidates with no experience will do so for a few reasons.

Inherent qualities and acquired skills from outside work can be important. For example, some people are mechanically inclined. Others are good with their hands or are more creative. Think about how these skills can apply to a job and how it relates to you career goal. You can start on the skillset you already have and then work on improving and building your skills from the opportunities that exist.

A positive attitude is also a quality that companies will look for. Paul Basquez, Corporate Trainer at QPS, worked as a QPS recruiter for seven years. He emphasized attitude as a compelling factor. "As a recruiter and staffing professional, I have always believed that a willingness to try and a great attitude can go a very long way in making up for a lack of direct experience," Basquez said.

Basquez recalled a time when he helped a candidate with no manufacturing experience land a job as a Quality Control Tech. "I worked my relationship with the QC Manager and asked her to interview [my candidate] based solely on his attitude and personality. He not only got the job through QPS, but he was hired on by the company. I still reference this in my training classes today," he said.

To reach your goals, you must start from somewhere. You can begin building your status with stable work history, good attendance, going above expectations and more.

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