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Ask QPS - How Can I Get a Job in 7 Days?

Sep 28, 2016, 13:53 PM by Jessica Calliari

When you need or are ready for a new opportunity, a speedy placement process is a huge benefit. Here at QPS, we try to make this process as easy on the candidate as possible. While our available positions are constantly changing, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process and make it go smoothly.

How to Speed Up the Process

The first thing you should do is follow up with your local QPS branch right after you apply so you can set up an interview time as soon as possible. Our recruiters follow up on the applications that are submitted, but calling the branch directly can help speed up the process. Once you head into the branch for an interview, either having a resume on hand or having knowledge of your work history along with the key skills you obtained while employed is key to a speedy placement process. While you are waiting for your recruiter to find you a position, it is important to call the branch each week to update your availability. 

When You Can Expect to Hear Back

The worst part of any interview or hiring process is waiting to hear back about a job or a potential interview. While we recommend that you check in with your recruiter regularly with your availability, your recruiter will reach out when they have a position available that meets what you're looking for based on your skills. If we have a position available at the time of your interview, you'll hear about it on the spot. By communicating with your recruiter regularly about what you're looking for, you will make sure you stay top of mind for any positions that may come in.

Why May it Take Longer

There are many reasons why it may take longer to get placed at one of our client companies and there are a few things you can do to remedy this. Each position comes with its own set of requirements that any candidate we send needs to meet. These requirements come directly from our client companies.  If none of our available positions fit your skills and what you're looking for, you may not get placed until we get a position that fits your skills and the company’s requirements. Because of this, being open to new opportunities and shorter term positions is a great way to gain extra experience and can help you until you find that dream position.

While the length of time it takes for you to get placed at one of our client companies can vary greatly, doing these things will help increase your chances at a quick placement. Click here to apply today.

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