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Updating Your QPS Application

Aug 30, 2016, 10:48 AM by User Not Found

QPS is dedicated to finding the right fit for you. In order for that to happen, we need to know your qualifications, preferences and availability. As your information changes over time, it is important to stay in contact with us and keep your application updated. Here are a few essential questions you may have about updating your QPS application and some answers.

How do you update your application?

Update your application online. You can visit our website and login to update the information in your personal file. If you have forgotten your login or password, you can always give your local branch office a phone call and someone there can help you out. If you do not have a computer to update your information, our branch offices have computers available for you to utilize.

What should you keep updated?

Keep all of your information updated, including work history, availability and contact information. Your work history is essential information about your experience that adds to your qualifications and skills. Regarding availability, updating pay, shift, type of work and distance to travel can help us to match you with your work preferences. Finally, your contact information which includes your phone number and email allows us to better work and communicate with you.

Why is it important to keep your application updated?

Keeping your information updated is beneficial to you and to us. Recruiters will see your most current information and find the fit for you based off of your personal file. If your information is not updated, you may lose out on the opportunity to be considered for positions that you could qualify for and may be most desirable to you.

Is your application with QPS updated? To update now, click here.

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