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Email Etiquette in the Workplace

Aug 17, 2016, 08:20 AM by User Not Found

Most business rely heavily on their emails as a main way of communication, which means you will be entrenched in your email every day.  As your key source for communication with others, you want to make sure your emails are professional and giving off the right tone. Don’t let a bad email be the reason you don’t get the contract, have low productivity, get a bad impression or don’t complete a project on time or to specifications. Follow these tips for better email etiquette and make a lasting impression with every email you send. 

Clear Subject Line

Starting your email off with a solid subject line is a great way to show professionalism in your email.  We get so many emails on a daily basis it can be hard to sort through them all, but with a clear subject it can be easy to know exactly what that email is regarding. This also helps so the person receiving the email doesn’t think it is spam. 

Personable Introductions are Key

It’s easy to delete an email from someone you don’t know so introducing yourself is an important step. Give the receiver a brief reminder of who you are. This will also make your email a little more personable and not so cold. You don’t want to start your email out by demanding things from someone. That can be a big turn off. 

Spelling & Grammar is a Must 

There is nothing worse than receiving an email with a ton of spelling and grammar errors so be sure to proofread your emails before you send them.  Don’t rely on spell check to catch every mistake. Using the wrong spelling of ‘there’ may seem small, but these mistakes make you look unprofessional and careless. 

Think Before You Reply All 

Don’t be the person that every hates because you reply all on emails. Make sure to look at the content of the email before you hit that reply all button. Constantly getting email notifications can be a huge distraction for your co-workers so make sure the email pertains to them before bombarding their inboxes with a ton of emails. 

Proper Sign Off

Having a signature block is an important way to end your email.  Including your name, title, phone number and company address helps to ensure the receiver of the email knows how to contact you. Make sure you use an appropriate font type and color.  You can even include links to your social media profiles. 

Sending business professional emails are extremely important in the workplace. Don’t make these simple mistakes because once you hit the send button you can’t get that email back.  What are some ways you keep your emails business professional?

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