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Making change successful for your company

Jun 17, 2016, 07:48 AM by User Not Found

Implementing a change in the workforce can be difficult to say the least. People don't usually welcome change with open arms so as an employer it can be a battle to try and make a change, large or small. But there is good news! Change doesn't always have to be that difficult. With just a few steps you can turn change from something you despise into something you enjoy.

Be Open

Change is usually brought on by senior leadership which means not everyone is included in the conversations around it. When you announce change to your employees it is important to remember to be open about the what, why and how. Your employees need to be able to understand the change before they will be receptive to it.

Help your employees understand why the change is necessary. Will your company lose out on something or will your company fail if it don't change? Once they understand the why make sure they are clear on the where. Where is the company going because of this change? If your employees understand where the change is taking them they will be more willing to accept it but if they feel like the change won't make the company better they might not be as willing to participate.

Address personal concerns

Your employees will not only want to know how this change will affect the company altogether, they will also want to know how it will affect them personally. What does this mean for their job? Will they need to take on additional responsibilities or learn new tasks? If they think this will make their job harder or they will be losing something they might not be receptive to change.

Have a plan

It is important to have a plan when you're looking to make a change. Explaining your plan will put employee's minds at ease. No one wants to come into work one day and find out the company is making all these changes with no time for anyone to prepare. Let people know how long it will take for the change to go into effect and steps they should be taking along the way. The more they know the better they will feel.

Be ready to improve

After a change has been put into effect you need to evaluate how it is doing after some time has passed. Is there anything you can do better or can you improve anything in anyway? If the change you made is working you will see some positive effects. At this point it is important to make sure everyone who needs to be included is.

Making changes can be scary and not everyone is open to change right away. Next time you need to make a change in the workforce know there is an easy and successful way and don't just rush into anything. How are some ways you prepare your company for change?

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