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Surviving the Post-College Job Search

Jun 15, 2016, 10:13 AM by User Not Found

The idea of graduating college and jumping right into your dream job is something we all hope for but few are able to achieve. Whether you made the mistake of waiting till you graduated to start applying to jobs or have just been getting rejection after rejection letter (or let's be honest more likely ghosted), it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and your attitude up when the universe seems to be against you. Before you get too down on yourself, try out these things to boost your mood and keep yourself motivated for your job search.

Take Care of Yourself

When you're struggling in your current job hunt, it can be easy to let things like your health and mental well-being fall to the wayside. When you're not feeling the greatest, it can manifest itself into multiple aspects of our lives, including applying and interviewing for jobs. Make sure each day you're doing something that not only benefits your health or mental state, but that also brings you joy. This could be anything from going for a run to sitting down with a good book and some coffee as long as it's something that makes you happy.

Set Goals

Set a goal for yourself that is not related to finding a job or advancing your career, like competing in a half marathon or learning how to cook your favorite cuisine. Setting a goal like this will not only give you something to take your mind off of your job search, but will also allow you a chance to show yourself how much you really can accomplish. In doing this, you also may find a passion you didn't know you had.

Keep in Touch with Friends + Family

When you're feeling down about your job search, it can seem easy to block everyone else out of your life. Maintaining your relationships is something that will not only give you something to take your mind off your job search but will also boost your mood. When you're searching for that first job out of college you tend to have a lot of free time. Take advantage of it and go visit your friend you haven't seen since graduation or go have lunch with the family member you haven't seen since the holidays. Plus, once you land that dream job, jetting off for a month to stay with a friend won't be quite as easy.


It's normal to want to jump from graduation straight into a new job but that may not be what has actually happened. While conducting your job search, take time to relax. After all, you just completed the degree you've been working towards for years and a little time to unwind before you jump into the next adventure may be just what the doctor ordered. Next time your job search starts to stress you out, take a break and relax a bit (even if it's just treating yourself to your favorite fancy coffee drink).

Getting through the post-college job search can be a difficult task that tests both your abilities and your mental strength, but with these tips it can be a little less stressful. What helped you during your first major job hunt?

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