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How to make an employee’s first day successful

Jun 8, 2016, 07:46 AM by User Not Found

It's no secret that the first day on a new job is extremely nerve-racking. Aside from most likely not knowing anyone or where anything is, this might be an employee's first job out of college or first job at a corporate office. Making an employee's first day successful not only ensures they will want to come back but is also beneficial for the company as well.

Introductions are key

There is nothing worse than starting a new job and not knowing anyone. Introduce new employees to not only the members of your team but any other departments they might interact with. A good way to do this is to give them a tour of the office department by department. Explain a little about what each department does. When introducing a new member to the team don't just say their name. Give some information about their background, skills they have, how they are going to fit into the team and any projects they can help with right away. This will give the other members an idea of how they can start to incorporate the new employee into the day to day activities of the department.

Be prepared

Have the new hire paperwork ready to go so they can fill it out right away in the morning. Make sure their cubicle is all set including computer, phone, pens/pencils, note pads and anything else they will need. Have a plan ready as to what they will do the first day and who they will do it with. Will they be shadowing a fellow team member? Make sure that team member knows what to show them. You don't want your new team member to show up and feel like you forgot about them.

Have fun

Plan a fun lunch trip with the group or bring in donuts or cake to celebrate the new employee. This will give the entire team a chance to get out of the office and get to know each other on a more personal level in a more comfortable situation. This also gives the new employee a chance to see the team dynamic and how they interact with each other. Making them feel welcomed will help ensure they want to come back tomorrow.

Beyond the first day

While it is important to make sure a new employee has a successful first day it is also important to meet with them frequently for the first 90 days. Schedule one on one meetings with them for the first 15, 30, 60 and 90 days. Give them feedback on how they are doing but also ask for feedback from them. How did they feel on their first day, do they feel the job is accurate to the description they were given, has the team included them/do they feel welcomed? The feedback they provide you will give you insights for future new hires.

Don't let your employees first day be a bust. Make sure the day is organized and fun so they feel welcomed and want to continue coming back to work. What ways do you make a new employees first day successful?

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