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Tips for a First Time Manager

May 18, 2016, 07:28 AM by User Not Found

Getting a promotion or a new job can be an exciting time especially when you've just landed a management role, but it can also be a scary time. Being a manger is more than just a new office and a big paycheck; you need to possess certain skills in order to succeed.  Transitioning from an employee to a manager can be tough, so follow some of these simple tips to help make the switch smoother.

Learn your new role

You are no longer responsible for the day to day projects which can take some getting used to. You are now responsible for the success of your team. It is a good idea to sit down with your new boss to discuss a plan for your new role as this will help to ensure you are both on the same page for not only your success but your team/department's success. Your new boss may also be able to help you understand the organization a bit more as you will most likely be dealing with new situations and people that you have not previously encountered.

Don't get a big head

With a new role comes new responsibility but it is important to remember not to let that go to your head. If you are coming in to a new team you want to make a good impression on them so don't start your first day as a manger ordering people around. It is important to get to know your team and let them get to know you. Schedule some team building days to encourage everyone to get to know each other. Not sure what activities to include? Read our latest team building blog here.

Have confidence

You may have landed a new management role but you still need to prove you can be successful. Have confidence in yourself and your experience to create credibility with your team and upper management. It is also important to have confidence in your team. Remember you are no longer in charge of the day to day projects, your team is. Don't jump in and do the project yourself. Motivate your team to ensure they complete it on time and accurately.

Find your own style

Don't let others tell you how to manage, create your own style. Throughout your years you have probably encountered many different types of managers. Think back to what you liked and didn't like about those managers to start creating your own management style. Make sure you are managing in a way that motivates your team and be open to feedback from both your team and upper management.

Moving into a management role is a great opportunity to learn and grow within your career but it can also be a scary time. Move into your new role with confidence. What tips helped you transition smoothly into your first management role?

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