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Dressing for an Interview

Mar 25, 2016, 09:40 AM by Kathleen Kontos

We all want to look our best for an interview but knowing what truly is appropriate to wear can be a challenge. You want to look nice, but know showing up in black tie apparel is almost as big of a mistake as showing up in ripped jeans. Dressing appropriately for a job interview can make a difference in whether or not you get hired. Make sure you make a great first impression with your clothing choices at your next interview by following these suggestions.

Research the Company

Check out the company you're interviewing for on social media to see how people typically dress at the company. While you can usually get a good idea based on the industry it's in, this will give you a better idea if you should go with the buttoned-up suit or if a more casual approach will be appropriate. Just remember, even if they have a laid back dress code, you still need to dress up for the interview.

Know Your Industry

Every industry is different in regards to what's considered 'work appropriate'. A field such as banking is going to be much more conservative than manufacturing. From the industry standards, you can draw a pretty good conclusion on what is generally accepted as appropriate. Just remember, you still need to dress up more than you would for a normal day at work.

Invest in a Few Good Outfits

If you're going to be interviewing a lot, invest in two or three good interview outfits appropriate for your industry. This way, you'll always have a good option when an interview presents itself. Having a few options will also allow you to where something different to all the steps in the interview process.

When in Doubt, Ask

If you are still having reservation about if what you’re planning on wearing is appropriate, ask. Reach out to your interviewer or recruiter and ask what the dress code is for the interview if they didn't mention it when you scheduled the interview. Remember, it's better to ask then to show up in jeans to a business professional interview.

Dressing appropriately for an interview can not only give you an edge on the competition but can also give you the confidence to rock your interview.

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