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Women in Leadership - Rhonda Torres

Mar 21, 2016, 07:10 AM by User Not Found

Rhonda Torres is the Regional Vice President for QPS Employment Group. She is responsible for overseeing the branch operations and account development in multiple QPS markets. Rhonda loves that the industry is ever-changing because you never get a chance to get bored. She also enjoys having the opportunity to continuously provide quality service to a wide base of clients, while supporting and encouraging the ongoing development of internal staff. While there are many joys of her job, there are also some challenges, including managing multiple priorities that are often not within the same locations and making sure that she gets to everything in timely basis. 

Rhonda has her Bachelor’s Degree in both Management & Communications and Health Care Administration.  Before joining QPS, Rhonda worked as an account manager for a large dental organization. While at QPS Rhonda has held many different positions. She started with QPS as an Assistant Branch Manager for the Waukegan, Illinois branch. After 6 months she was transferred to the Kenosha, Wisconsin branch, which was a much larger volume branch.  She was then promoted to Branch Manager, Area Manager, Regional Manager and Regional Vice President. Rhonda is a member of many professional groups, including KABA and SHRM of SE WI. 

Rhonda has learned many business lessons throughout her years of experience.  Her most important lesson learned was that you have to be willing to do hard things and be uncomfortable. She says this is where the most growth comes from.  She has also learned that you must always stay in learning mode and build relationships with people who you can learn from and who can help advise you. 

Rhonda’s best mentor is another QPS’er; Jim Roy.  He taught her to strive for growth, both personally and professionally, while remaining focused on developing the best team in the industry and maintaining the strongest client relationships in the business. 

Rhonda’s advice to women in the business/entrepreneur field is to be prepared for constant change because it is inherent in everything we do.  She says embracing change allows you to grow and helps you/your business stay competitive. 

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