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Improve Your Company Image

Mar 18, 2016, 08:11 AM by Kathleen Kontos

The first impression that potential clients have of your business will be conceived from the people they know, the web, from advertisements, at an event or perhaps through passing. That impression will influence their future opinions about your company and if it is an especially negative one that is all they will ever know. For that reason, effectively managing the image of your company is crucial. You have to attract the attention of clients and make them willing to learn more about you and the services or products you offer. Here are a few areas to pay attention to that can help you polish your brand.

Appealing Website

Before making a transaction, a good many of your clients will research your company on the internet first and visit your website. Tailor your website for potential clients. Keep it professional, informative and easy to navigate. Have your information regularly updated. You may also want to include interesting content like relevant news and weekly blogs. An inviting, attractive website that is user friendly with up to date information can help boost traffic and increase page views. Also, avoid industry specific technical terms if it will exclude the type of clients that you want to attract.

Connect Through Social Media

Information spreads fast in this age of widespread social media use−good news, bad news, true and false. Many of the people out there will never know the full facts behind your business, your achievements and services, and beyond the snippet they do not want to know. Most of what goes out there is beyond your control, but a consistent positive presence on social media will allow you to balance your image and advertise with your strengths. Through social media you can interact with the community, share educational and relevant content and build a relationship with your target audience.

Relevancy, Competency & Credibility in the Media

Manage your image in the public with positive press releases and exposure. Executives at your company should be attending speaking engagements, conferences, roundtables, or webcasts. Get their names out there as trusted leaders in the industry. Clients will have more confidence in your company if they know they can put trust in the leaders of your business. Connect with people in your local community by associating your brand with events or charities through donations and sponsorships. Additionally, share credible news and information like grand openings or changes in your company.

Excellent Customer Service

Every employee is a representative of the company. How employees interact with clients in the workplace can influence their take on your business. Make sure your clients leave with a good experience, especially since their satisfaction means they are more likely to refer your company to friends and family. Likewise, the testimonies of your employees should be held in the same regard. Positive and negative experience spreads fast. Potential clients will judge a business based on reviews, through other client opinions or employee relationships. Treat the people you work with and serve well and your image in the field will improve.

Meet Expectations

Always try to upsell your services, but don't take a leap and describe your business as something it's not. Be what your customers expected and not about what they will like to see. If clients come to you with expectations of what they thought you were and instead experience the reality, they will leave with a tarnished image of your brand.

Build your brand, manage it and routinely upgrade when necessary. Improving the image of your company takes time and continuous work, but is worth the effort.

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