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How Social Media Can Help Your Career

Mar 3, 2016, 14:27 PM by Kathleen Kontos

Searching for a job can be tedious work. Between filling out applications and writing cover letters, it might feel like it's hard to give yourself a leg up on your competition. Places like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook could be one solution to this problem. Social Media sites aren't just for connecting with old high school classmates anymore, it can also be an amazing tool in your job search- when used correctly.

Show Your Personality

The many different Social Media platforms give plenty of opportunity to really let your personality shine. Have you ever read a job description and thought to yourself, “If only I could snag an interview, I’d be able to show them how well I'd fit."? Your potential employer is most-likely perusing your Facebook page, so let the professional side of your personality shine. Having tasteful pictures, showing your hobbies, and keeping status updates appropriate shows everyone that you are as professional in the workplace as you are outside.

Get Your Resume Out There

Social Media gives you the perfect platform to have your resume out on display. LinkedIn is exactly that. You can show experience, education, skills, and even samples of your work. Facebook and Instagram can also be good resources in showing off your skills. Display work through pictures, samples of writing, and maybe even video if it is applicable. Having all this out there is just another way to stay ahead of those in your field and making sure your work can be seen by that dream employer.

Show off Your Communication Skills

In addition to being able to show off your writing skills, you can also use these platforms to show how you communicate with the people around you. Reaching out and asking questions to other professionals in your field, posting comments to blogs or discussion boards, and even making interesting and insightful status updates about your field can show off how well grounded you are in your profession.

Meeting Other Experts in Your Field

They don’t call it social networking for no reason. Having a strong presence on Social Media can connect you with other people in your field of work that it might have been hard to connect with otherwise. Whether it’s a friend of a friend that you find on Facebook or someone working at the company of your dreams, having this tool at your fingertips makes it easy to find the right people to score you that next big gig.

Using all your Social Media platforms correctly can be extremely beneficial to your job hunt. What ways do you use Social Media to boost your career? 

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