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Team Building: How to Bring your Team Together

Jan 19, 2016, 15:22 PM by User Not Found

January is a great time to re-invest in your employees and get ready for the year ahead. Whether you had some staff turnover or your team has the winter blues it’s great to start off the New Year with some fun. To get your team re-energized for 2016, try team building exercises. Here are a few examples of activities to get you started!

Office Trivia:

This is a great way to break the ice. It requires virtually no props and can be played for a few minutes at the start of your team meetings. As the manager, come up with questions related to your work environment. For example, “how many steps is it from the conference room to the breakroom,” “how many office doors are in the building,” or “what brand is your computer” are all questions specific to workspace. The team member that gets the most correct wins!

Two Truths and a Lie:

While the office trivia is a good way to get to know your work environment, two truths and a lie is a great way to get to know your co-workers. Have each member of your team prepare two true statements and one lie about them. Go around the room and have each person say their three items, then have everyone guess which one the lie is. 

Wall of Fame:

For this activity, all you will need are some pens and post it notes. In a space that is visible to your team, create a “Wall of Fame” using a whiteboard or open wall space. Challenge your team to come up with a great work memory and put it on a post it. You can review each team members’ contribution as a group and keep them up. Have your team put up a new post it when they have a good team experience or to recognize another co-worker’s accomplishments. Once a month, gather to review with your team. 

These activities are just a few ways of getting your team interacting and having fun with each other. What are some ways your workplace does team building? 

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