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Ways to Show You are Ready for a Management Role

Dec 15, 2015, 15:35 PM by User Not Found

Years of late nights, hard work and dedication are now under your belt. You think it’s time to get that promotion and move into a management role.  First you need to prove you can handle the additional responsibility. Below are some tips on how you can show you’re ready to move up in the company. 

Be a proactive problem solver

Go to your boss with a solution, not a problem, and show them you have the initiative to tackle problems before they arise. If you think a process should be changed, tell them how. This shows your boss you care about the company and have the initiative to tackle problems ahead of time.  

Lead with pride

Taking pride and ownership of your work can speak volumes.  Understanding that your work is a reflection of yourself can help you understand that your teams’ success is a reflection of your management.  

Be the go to person

Being the person everyone goes to for help or questions can show a lot about you. This means people trust you and shows your manager you can teach and educate others.  Part of being a manager is teaching and mentoring others so showing you have those characteristics can help in showing you’re ready for management. 


When you’re in a management role you need to know how to help everyone.  You must learn not only your department but the whole company. Do research, ask others and shadow someone from each department. Knowing what each department does will help you know how to work together to help the company succeed. 

Be a professional

Exhibiting characteristics of a manager before you actually become one will show you are dedicated to gaining more responsibilities.  Making deadlines, being on time, being courteous and having a good attitude are just some of the characteristics a manager should have.  

Moving into a management role can be nerve-racking and tough but having a plan and showing you’re ready can make the transition smoother.  What are some ways you can show your boss you’re ready to make that move? 

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