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Coping with Stress at Work

Jun 25, 2015, 12:10 PM by Azavar Admin

You have a deadline to meet, 300 unread emails in your inbox, and your eight o'clock appointment just walked in the door. In the fast-paced world that we live in, how is it possible to take control of the daily stresses we experience?

Here are some things you can try to help reduce stress in the workplace.

Take Control of the Day

Make a list. Create a manageable list of tasks you need to accomplish each day. Be realistic about how long your projects will take and what you can accomplish. Trying to pack too much into one day will only create  more stress and anxiety.

Reduce distractions. When you are feeling stressed out the last thing you need are distractions. Keep your desk clean, organized and clutter-free. Avoid too much small talk with co-workers and check email  periodically if possible.

Take a break. Periodic breaks throughout the work day can help boost energy and regain your focus. Try walking to the kitchen to grab a snack or organizing your workspace. Taking a moment to relax and refocus  your thoughts on something other  than work for a few minutes.

Fuel Your Body & Mind

You are what you eat. Feeling sluggish? Tired of spending money on overpriced lunches? Check out our favorite energy boosting meals and snacks to keep you alert and focused all day long.

Get moving. Use your lunch break to go for a walk or take time to stretch. Whether it's an hour or just 15 minutes, squeezing some exercise into your day will not only provide you with some great health benefits,  but can help to relax the mind as well.

Get enough ZZZ's. Do you lie awake at night thinking about work? It's best to unwind before bed; try to read a chapter in your book or page through a magazine you haven't had a chance to look through yet. 

Take a Deep Breath

Talk it out. Sometimes simply talking to a co-worker or your Human Resources contact can alleviate some of your stress. Letting your issues bottle up only makes things worse. 

Ask for help. Reaching out to co-workers for their expertise is a good way to learn new skills and develop relationships with fellow colleagues. They may even offer to take some of the workload if they're done with  their tasks. Just remember to return the favor when possible. 

You're not a superhero. Know your limitations. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what we had planned. 

What do you do to reduce workplace stress?

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