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Benefits of Hiring Veterans

May 18, 2015, 16:38 PM by Mark Milan
Hiring veterans can come with a variety of benefits for employers. Veterans have training and experience other may not, allowing them to bring unique strengths, skill sets and perspectives to the job.

Hiring veterans can come with a variety of benefits for employers. Veterans have training and experience other may not, allowing them to bring unique strengths, skill sets and perspectives to the job. Here are some reasons why employers should consider hiring veterans.

Culture/Core Values

With a focus entirely on mission achievement, cooperation, and personal development, no culture in the world shapes people in the same way the military does. Each branch focuses on a set of core values revolving around Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, and Service before Self. These values transfer well into the workplace. Veterans will be committed to working hard and have the integrity to do the job right.

Hard Work Ethic

When soldiers are deployed they have to work every day - no weekends or holidays off. They must do their job right the first time and in a timely fashion. This requires them to set priorities and accomplish their missions. They must adhere to schedules and perform consistently. Additionally, because of the training they have gained, veterans have a high professional maturity along with being able to work efficiently which helps increase productivity.


"Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity. If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles." - Karl von Clausewitz

Lead by example and through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration are just a few ways the military trains people. As they progress to different ranks, leadership opportunities become greater and greater. Veterans have the training and knowledge to manage behaviors in a practical way and when that is brought into the workforce it will help to gain results.

Respect for Procedures and Standards

Veterans understand how policies and procedures produce stability, safety, and productivity. They know the importance of health and safety standards, which helps to protect themselves and others. The respect for following procedures and meeting/exceeding standards is engrained in them. Without these standards and procedures, companies wouldn't be able to run which is why it is important to have employees who respect them.

Loyalty and Teamwork

Being loyal and the ability to work as a team is essential in the military. Coming from all walks of life they must learn to work together and build trust quickly in order to work proficiently to complete a job or mission. This knowledge and understanding transfers nicely in the workplace to help achieve company goals.

Communication Skills

Due to the diversity that they work with, some veterans speak more than one language and understand the ways of international communication which can come in handy if your company works with international business. Veterans also know the importance of being able to communicate effectively and efficiently in all situations. Effective communication can create better productivity.

Learning & Technology 

The military relies on cutting edge technology, requiring veterans to be able to quickly learn, adapt and be proficient in new technological developments. They also have knowledge of international and technical trends and can bring a global outlook as well. Veterans can bring this knowledge into the workforce to help improve productivity. 

Hiring veterans can be a huge benefit for your company. Through all of their training, developing and hard work they will be unlike any employee you have. Help our veterans get back into the workforce today!

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