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The Truth about Staffing

May 12, 2015, 15:59 PM by User Not Found

We all know job hunting can be a frustrating task. How do you decide which companies are best and which positions you're actually qualified for? Not to mention, the many jobs that require prior experience; but how do you get experience, when you need prior knowledge to get a job in the first place?

What if there was a service to help you find the right job? That's exactly what the staffing industry is for! There are many common misconceptions about teaming up with a staffing agency, but in reality there is no risk to the job seeker and it's a great resource to use.

Misconception 1: A staffing agency won't have the types of jobs I'm interested in.


Partnering with a staffing firm will give you access to hundreds of companies in a number of different industries. Filling out just one application will allow you to apply for multiple job openings in your area. We can all agree that sounds much better than searching the web for job opportunities and spending the day filling out numerous applications.

QPS Employment Group offers Industrial, Clerical, Skilled, and Professional job opportunities to our candidates. Choose from full-time or part-time positions, in addition to temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities.

Misconception 2: I'll be limited to only one type of work, with no room to grow


Not sure about the career path you'd like to take? Staffing is a great way to try out some temporary assignments to explore your interests. Accepting a permanent position or earning a degree, only to later realize it's not what you want to do for living, can be upsetting.

Whether you're looking for a new opportunity or you're fresh out of school with little work experience, staffing can help you gain experience and learn new skills.

Misconception 3: The agency will take money out of my paycheck to pay for their services


The best part about partnering with a staffing agency has got to be that it's free. Staffing offers access to hundreds of jobs, resume writing assistance, and career advice at no cost to the candidate. Which means there is no risk in seeing what QPS can do for you.

Misconception 4: I can find the same jobs a staffing agency can on my own


Did you know that some companies hire staffing agencies to do most, or even all, of their recruiting? Applying with QPS Employment Group will give you access to job opportunities that may not even be advertised or posted on local job boards, which means you'll have better odds of getting your foot in the door and learning new skills.

Partnering with QPS Employment Group, in addition to your typical job hunting routine, can greatly increase your chances of finding the job you want. No one said it was going to be easy, but we can definitely help streamline the process.

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