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Taxed for Time

Apr 14, 2015, 10:52 AM by User Not Found

With the ever-dreaded tax deadline quickly approaching, millions of people will put off filing their taxes until the last minute. Does this sound familiar? Procrastination not only adds stress to our personal lives, but can jeopardize our work reputation as well. Kick this bad habit to the curb by following these easy tips.

Know Your Assets

Do you have trouble starting tasks? Are you easily distracted while working on projects? Admitting that you have a tendency to procrastinate is the first step to breaking this pattern. 

Itemize Your Tasks

Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish, in order of importance. Be realistic; don't estimate a particular item will only take you ten minutes, when you know it will take you closer to an hour. Trying to pack too much into one day only creates more stress and anxiety. Mastering time management is a skill.

Deduct Distractions

When you are on a deadline the last thing you need are distractions. Keep your desk organized and free from clutter. Let incoming calls go to voicemail, avoid too much small talk with coworkers, and if possible check your email every hour instead of reading each one as soon as it comes in. 

Take a Break

Although you may think working straight through the day is most effective, you're mistaken. Taking periodic breaks will help boost your focus and productivity. Walk away from your computer screen and move around to get your blood flowing to increase energy. Late night fast food delivery? Think again! Instead, pack a lunch with plenty of healthy snacks to keep you awake and alert.

Account for Your Success

Hold yourself accountable for your accomplishments and goals. Keep your long-term projects on track by breaking them into smaller pieces so they don't seem so intimidating. Reward yourself for sticking to your deadlines and improving your time management skills.

The best way to get something done is to begin. - Author Unknown