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Spring Clean Your Resume

Mar 24, 2015, 16:34 PM by User Not Found

Spring is here and there's no better time than now to give your dusty, outdated resume a fresh polish. No matter if you're job hunting or not, make it a habit to routinely update your resume so you're prepared for new opportunities. Much like other spring cleaning chores, they are easier broken down into steps. Here are some guidelines to make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Take a look at the last time you refreshed your resume or updated your information on LinkedIn. Chances are the information you posted months ago has become stale. Add new information to ensure your resume and profile are up to date. Regularly updating your information as your job responsibilities change will make it much easier than trying to backtrack details months down the road.

Sort it Out

Read through your resume and highlight the key accomplishments that stand out from your past experiences. This is especially important if you have gaps in your resume. Delete any irrelevant content or space fillers that don't align with your career goals. Recruiters typically spend only a few seconds reading over a resume, so make sure your achievements jump off the page.

Take Out the Trash

Do you list every job you've had since you were thirteen? Still including the summer you spent flipping burgers on your resume? You may want to consider taking old jobs off of your resume if they aren't relevant to your career path. If you're lacking professional experience or just starting out in an industry, keeping non-related jobs on your resume can be beneficial, as long as they describe how the skills you earned there would translate into a future position. Be sure to include accomplishments - any promotions, changes you made to improve the organization, or maybe that you worked your way through school.

Your Time to Shine

Don't be afraid to show off all of your hard work. Attend a networking event or job fair to dust off your interview skills and to check out what opportunities are available. You never know when the next opportunity will be knocking at your door.

By applying these tips, your resume will be clean and in top shape for hiring managers. What are some of your best practices for resume updating?