Jesse T., Branch Manager

“There is something very special about working for a company that cares as much about people and your community as you want to. QPS is always open to new ideas and ways to partner with and support each other and our partners. That’s the kind of thing that makes you glad to come back to […]

Dana M., Recruitment Delivery Manager

“Working on the Accelerate team is fun AND rewarding. We get to partner with amazing organizations and help them add mission-critical talent who have proven to be key additions for their teams. Being a career consultant to individuals who are looking to advance their careers and/or better their current situation, is nothing short of fulfilling. […]

Devyn O., Branch Manager

“We are truly changing lives here. On a daily basis we have associates walk through the door and get a new job, or share their success on the job we sent them to. Getting to see how impactful we are is what keeps all of us going! Not only do we get to change the […]

Mark M., Senior Marketing Manager

“QPS was my first job out of college and nearly three decades later, I am still here. I have had the unique opportunity to have different careers within the same company, starting as an onsite recruiter, then working as a branch manager, company trainer, and now Senior Marketing Manager. Within staffing, you have the ability […]

Ashley I., Onsite Recruiting Manager

“Working at QPS Employment Group has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for me. What truly sets QPS apart is its unwavering commitment to the legacy belief, which has not only allowed me to flourish in my career but has also facilitated my personal growth. QPS holds strong in our beliefs, as it provides a strong […]

Trisha L., Regional Director of Sales

Working at QPS has been a unique and rewarding experience. The strong family spirit within the company creates a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued. 100% Employee Owned, means we’re owners, not numbers—that motivates us to work together towards shared success. I’m grateful to be part of such a tight-knit community where camaraderie […]