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Project Manager, Business Analyst (Elkhorn, Janesville, Gurnee & Rockford)

Mar 08, 2017
This candidate impresses with his professionalism, drive and aspirations. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, then went on to complete Masters' degrees in both Management and Business Administration to further his knowledge of Business Growth & Analytics, as well as Entrepreneurship. He has a passion for Business Development as well as personal fitness, and is developing his own Training Company and Branding program. He has utilized his education and skills to be successful within Sales, Project Management, Client & Account Management and Technical Services roles within the Manufacturing Industry. He is trained in Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement and Cost Savings, as well as he is adept in Training, Collaboration, Marketing and Negotiation. He would be a diverse asset to add to your company! This candidate is seeking $60-70K. To learn more about this candidate, please contact Dana at DMetzger@qpsemployment.com and reference #MS211.

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