Meet Our Team

Jeff Nicholas

Professional Recruiter – Team Lead, CSP, CPC

Jeff is an experienced team builder, leader, and educator. Before becoming a Professional Recruiter, he spent 15 years coaching basketball and teaching math. Jeff continues to coach, lead, and build meaningful relationships, but now does so to improve candidates’ lives, help client companies, and improve his teammates and the workplace. Jeff works with all facets of manufacturing, but specializes in recruiting for Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, and EH&S.

Jeff participates in a variety of recreational sports, including his first love, basketball. He is currently an Assistant Coach with the local high school team. He also treasures the time he spends with his two young daughters. If you cannot find Jeff in the office or tending to his daughters, Jeff can be found grilling in his backyard. He has perfected the art of grilling beef, pork, and vegetables, even when the wind chill dips below zero.