Ms. Emilie Kitzing as an outstanding Professional Recruiter, who has provided me with invaluable support and leadership pertaining to my job search for the perfect Human Resources Director position. In my opinion, Emilie is truly a dynamic and hard-working recruiting professional, whom I first became acquainted with in October 2017 while seeking an HRD role for which she was the primary recruiter. Though I was not selected for that particular role, Emilie kept me informed of all developments and promised that she would ask that my name be placed on the prized “short list” for highly skilled candidates. Her word is bond because Emilie did just that; kept in contact with me over the next few months and found a second career opportunity for me. The overall experience was quite positive!

Emilie is a valuable asset for QPS Staffing as she is an avid listener, relationship builder, awesome communicator, and empathetic professional who is very knowledgeable about all of her stakeholders’ needs and requirements. She made it easier for me to determine how best to prepare for potential interviews and navigate a positive outcome. Her personality traits include: politeness, enthusiasm, optimism, authenticity, tenacity, responsibility, and fun.

I feel honored to be working with Emilie Kitzing as my professional recruiter!

Frances J (Professional)