Our business was starting to grow at a pace that was becoming a challenge for day-to-day management. Our business is very technical in nature. The training curve is generally 2-5 years, depending on experience coming into a position. We have traditionally promoted within, or hired without looking for a candidate, in the past many years.

But, in our case, business changed, people change, or grow older, lines change, at an accelerated rate. Fortunately for us, I came across QPS, and Erin Curley, specifically. In the days of Internet searches and immediate gratification, it’s refreshing to find a real-life human being willing to listen to your needs. And act on those needs professionally. I’ll take a little more time to find better matched candidates over immediate gratification every time.  Internet searches provide volumes of candidates, but someone still needs to vet them. I don’t see the inferred saving of time actually playing out.

The staff members we’ve added due to your help are gaining experience and adding to the success of our organization.

Dave R (Professional)