Erin approached me last year. I wasn't actively looking for a new position, but Erin was persuasive that this position was worth my looking at. Ultimately, she was right, and the position has been an excellent match for my skill-set.

Of the recruiters I've worked with over the years, Erin is one of the very few who stood by her word and actually met her commitments. I always felt that Erin was an advocate for me, not just for the hiring company, and that she genuinely cared about my own needs and long-term well-being. Her follow-through was excellent, and I really appreciate that she's taken the time to check-in even after the placement. I would use Erin again should I need help with placement, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others in the same position. Simply, Erin is excellent at what she does. 


Beau W.