​ASAP Orders

Filling emergency orders isn’t just something we’re able to do. It’s something we love to do.

Something almost supernatural happens at a QPS branch when we’re asked fill a position “as soon as possible.”  It’s not the mad scramble you might expect, however. Rather, it’s the quiet hum of a well-tuned engine shifting into a higher gear.

You see, our placement specialists understand that part of their job is to expect the unexpected. And over the years we’ve developed an arsenal of tools, technologies, and tactics that nearly instantaneously allow them to reach out to hundreds of potential candidates in our virtual Rolodex at the drop of a hat.

Following initial contact, the team sorts, screens, compares notes and then sends you the best candidate. And it all happens at the speed of light. (Or something close to it.)

The result is that, practically without fail, you end up having your shifts covered. And our branch ends up having a whole lot of fun.