Worker Safety: How QPS Looks Out For You

Jun 30, 2015

The Associate Employees placed by QPS work in a wide variety of industries and locations outside the walls of our physical offices. Our recruiters are the bridge to matching employees up with their new position, but obviously cannot supervise those employees while working. Even though employees work with a variety of employers, as the staffing agency, we play a part in overall workplace safety. We want to be sure we are sending employees to safe job sites.

Through orientation, training and ongoing reminders, there are a number of things we do to encourage safety.

Worksite Inspection

Before we even send an employee to an assignment, our Risk Advisors complete a worksite inspection to ensure the location is safe for employees, and that the client will be a good partner. While viewing locations, Risk Advisors are looking at things like housekeeping, potential hazards and use of personal protective equipment.


We personally interview every candidate who applies-usually more than once. Once we have a job identified, we have the employee go through an orientation consisting of video, computer-based or personal training, or a combination of all. If we do not feel an employee will be a match for a particular job during the orientation, we train our recruiters to identify a more appropriate position.

First Day Calls

After the first and second days of their assignment, we call candidates to ensure the person is catching on to their new role and address any immediate concerns. Maybe the employee realizes after they start a job that it isn't what they expected. The lifting was more than expected or they weren't used to prolonged periods of standing. These calls give candidates the opportunity to communicate these concerns or issues.

Weekly Temp Calls

On a weekly basis, The Answer Center (TAC) reaches out to candidates to check in with them. We rotate questions each week and ask candidates about everything from proper personal protective equipment at work to proper machine guarding at the location they work.


Throughout the year, we show our appreciation to our Associate Employees for all the hard work they do. These are often gifts that coincide with the time of year. During summer at many of our client locations, we give away water bottles with tags on them with tips to stay hydrated in the heat. In the winter, we have given away hand warmers with tips on staying warm in colder locations. 

Nurse Hotline

In the event that someone gets hurt at work, we offer a Nurse hotline. If someone's back is stiff after their first day at work they may not need to go to the doctor immediately but may still need care. By calling the Nurse Hotline, the Associate Employee can obtain professional advice from medically trained personnel to determine if it is appropriate to self-medicate or if emergency care should be sought. 

It is said that workplace safety is not an apparatus that one wears, but rather a state of mind. There should be ongoing communication between yourself and your staffing partner beyond your initial interview to always make you aware of the potential hazards at work so you make it home safe every day.

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