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"QPS provided us with quality candidates who are suited for our specific needs. The communication between the staff and my office is excellent."

Lynne S.
Labor Relations

Effective planning can prevent labor stoppage, keep your business running efficiently and safeguard your position in the market. To help you plan appropriately, QPS performs a thorough facility and labor relations assessment.


Preparing in advance with QPS ensures that the right steps are taken at the right times. We gather a readily available pool of skilled replacement workers, control messages to stakeholders and establish expectations for non-bargaining personnel -- all at the right moment.


Should the need arise, QPS swiftly and efficiently deploys a temporary replacement workforce. With over 20 years of experience recruiting, screening and placing quality people, we provide expertise and support.

Timeline to Action

QPS leads you seamlessly and securely through the following planning, preparing and responding timeline to guarantee production never misses a beat

  • 60 Days: Gather information for contingency plan.
  • 45 Days: Facility and labor relation assessment. Cost Estimate. 
  • 25 Days: Labor replacement contract and provisions.
  • 5 Days: Arrange replacement labor and exit/entrance routes.
  • 45 Days: Facility survey & assessment; estimate cost
  • 2 Days: Safety and security briefing for non-bargaining associates.
  • 1 Day to Action: Confirm replacement workers and set up command center.

QPS Employment Group provides a strategic staffing management for your unique personnel concerns, along with additional value-added services that allow you to consult and partner with experts in the industry.

Our innovative staffing solutions, oustanding customer service, exceptional candidates and comprehensive screening processes have secured our repurtation as a leader in the industry since 1985.

QPS delivers the support you need—when you need it most.


If you have questions or are in need of our labor relations services, please contact QPS Employment Group at 1.800.300.4800 or use our online form.

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